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    Zangief (Deluxe Edition) Statue by PCS Collectibles

    Release Date: April 2025

    Introducing the Zangief (Deluxe Edition) Statue by Sideshow and PCS, a striking masterpiece that brings the iconic Street Fighter 6 character to life in extraordinary detail. Elevate your Street Fighter collection with this Premium Collectibles Studio creation, standing over 24” tall.

    Immerse yourself in the power and might of the Red Cyclone as popular known as Zangief as he showcases his unparalleled strength in this meticulously crafted Premier Series Statue. A must-have for fans of the Street Fighter franchise, this deluxe edition captures Zangief's enhanced look from the latest installment, featuring red and white wrestling pants with exquisite gold trim, perfectly complementing the metallic accents on his boots and wrists.

    Marvel at the intricately sculpted muscles, a testament to Zangief's years of dedication and training, as he stands proudly atop a sleek black museum-style base, seamlessly integrating with PCS's renowned Street Fighter collection. This deluxe edition goes above and beyond by including an extra swap-out portrait, revealing Zangief's masked appearance from Street Fighter 6.

    Dimensions: 24" H x 14" W x 15.5" L, making it a commanding presence in any space. Proudly presented by Superhero Toystore, this Street Fighter marvel is not just a statement piece for enthusiasts but also an ideal gift for collectors. Perfect for home or office décor, the Zangief 1:4 Scale Premier Series Statue - Deluxe Edition is your opportunity to add unparalleled strength to your Street Fighter collection. Secure yours today and witness the epitome of collectible craftsmanship.