Zane’s Ice Dragon Creature by LEGO®

    Discover the exciting world of LEGO® NINJAGO® with the Zane’s Ice Dragon Creature (71786) playset, perfect for imaginative play by kids aged 10 and above. This versatile 2-in-1 NINJAGO model lets young builders create either a posable ice dragon featuring six legs, an imposing tail, fearsome horns, and wings adorned with golden blades, or transform it into a dynamic dragon warrior standing on two legs, wielding a formidable golden blade.

    This action-packed playset includes 5 minifigures, including Zane and Pixal, each equipped with their own swords, ready to engage in epic battles against the menacing villains Bone Knight, Bone Warrior, and Bone King. These adversaries are armed with weapons from the green bone warriors' arsenal and have their very own brick-built temple to gather around.

    Enhance your building experience with the LEGO Builder app, which provides an intuitive and interactive guide for you and your child. You can zoom in, rotate models in 3D, save your progress, and enjoy a seamless building adventure.

    Key Features:

    • 2-in-1 ice dragon toy for thrilling ninja action
    • 5 minifigures, including Zane and Pixal, facing off against Bone Knight, Bone Warrior, and Bone King
    • Build and rebuild options for creative play
    • Expansive NINJAGO® range for more ninja adventures
    • Perfect birthday gift for kids aged 10+
    • Impressive model measuring over 7.5 inches (19 cm) high, 18 inches (46 cm) wide, and 18 inches (46 cm) deep
    • Intuitive building experience with the LEGO® Builder app
    • LEGO® bricks crafted for consistent and secure connections
    • Complies with stringent global safety standards for peace of mind

    Experience the timeless quality of LEGO® bricks, delivering endless hours of play and imagination for over six decades. Let your child's creativity soar in safe and reliable hands with this captivating NINJAGO® playset.

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        FOR AGE 9+