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    X-Men Wolverine Premium Format Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

    Release Date: March 2022

    " Nature made me a freak, man made me his weapon and God made me last too long " He may be a sad dark soul inside but the pain inside is channelized by Wolverine for a greater good.

    Superhero Toystore is proud to present the Wolverine Premium Format Figure from Sideshow Collectibles.

    The Wolverine Premium Format Figure measures 19” tall as the mutant known as Logan launches himself into a battle over a snowy landscape base. In this dynamic Marvel Comics-inspired statue, a toppled tree serves as his support while the feral mutant stretches his claws to tussle in the tundra with anything that crosses his path, man or mutant.

    Delivery date: 8 weeks from date of order

    The Sideshow polystone Wolverine Premium Format Figure features a fully sculpted costume with detailed texturing and musculature bringing his classic brown and yellow costume to life. His portrait is framed by the iconic black fins of his expressive cowl as Logan lets his anger (and Adamantium upgrades) do the talking. Complete with a red belt with an “X” buckle, sculpted brown gloves, and snow-covered boots, this figure captures all of the righteous rage of everyone’s favorite mutant.

    Pair the Wolverine Premium Format Figure with the Sabretooth Premium Format Figure to create an epic standoff between iconic foes, or team him up with the Jean Grey Premium Format Figure and Cyclops Maquette to create an even more detailed X-Men collection.


    Martin Canale (Sculpt) (Design)
    Richard Luong (Design)
    Steve West (Paint)
    The Sideshow Design and Development Team (Design) (Development)

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    Made in China