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    X-Men Jean Grey (Classic) 1/4 Scale Statue by XM Studios

    Release Date: December 2024

    Get ready to add some serious firepower to your collection with the XM Studios 1/4 scale MARVEL Premium Collectibles series statue of Jean Grey (Classic)! This handcrafted 20.8" statue is a true masterpiece, featuring the X-Men's legendary mutant in the midst of an epic battle.

    Standing atop the projected sentinel Nimrod, Jean Grey is a vision of power and strength as she twists and tears apart her foe with her telekinetic power. The intricate pink tendrils of her power rise up from the base, creating a dynamic and visually stunning display.

    But it's not just about the action - this statue is also a tribute to Jean Grey's classic look, with her iconic yellow and blue X-Men uniform featuring textured mesh detailing and panels that have been modernized by the XM Team.

    And with two head sculpt switch-outs to choose from, collectors can display Jean Grey with either a determined or a steely look, adding even more depth and dimension to this incredible piece.

    Each statue is individually hand-painted with XM's famous quality finish, ensuring that every detail is captured with stunning accuracy. So whether you're a die-hard X-Men fan or simply love incredible collectibles, this statue is a must-have.

    Proudly brought to you by XM Studios and Superhero Toystore, India's largest and most comprehensive online store for official Marvel Comics Action Figures, Statues, and other Pop-culture merch!


          FOR AGES 15+




          MADE IN CHINA