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  • Venomized Groot by LEGO

    Release Date: November 2023

    When the adorable Baby Groot meets the menacing alien Venom, you get the incredible LEGO® Marvel Venomized Groot (76249) set! This versatile and transformable figure is the perfect way to infuse Marvel excitement into the hands of fans aged 10 and up.


    • Baby Groot undergoes a sensational Venom makeover.
    • Kids can construct a highly detailed, posable rendition of the Venomized Groot, and then add additional bricks to witness the gruesome transformation as Venom takes full control.
    • The transformation includes Venom’s distinctive long tongue, menacing sharp teeth, creepy tentacles, and oversized white eyes.
    • The figure's arms, legs, hips, and head are all movable, allowing children to embark on endless imaginative adventures.
    • For added digital fun, builders can utilize the engaging LEGO Builder app to zoom in, rotate models in 3D, and track their progress.


    Model Number Series Age Range Number of Pieces Height
    76249 LEGO Marvel 10+ years 630
    11 in. (27 cm) tall


    The LEGO® Marvel Venomized Groot (76249) set offers reconfigurable fun for Marvel enthusiasts as they transform Groot into a menacing Venomized version, one brick at a time. Featuring iconic Marvel characters with the famous long tongue, sharp teeth, and tentacles, this movable figure lets kids build, play, and display their own Venomized Groot. It's a fantastic gift choice for kids aged 10 and up, whether they're fans of Marvel movies, cute Baby Groot, or the slobbering alien Venom. Plus, its portable design, standing over 11 inches (27 cm) tall, allows kids to enjoy imaginative adventures with Venomized Groot wherever they go.

    Get ready to unleash the Venom within! LEGO® Marvel Venomized Groot (76249) is a must-have for Marvel fans of all ages.

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    MADE IN Czech Republic