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    Uchiha Itachi Statue by Hex Collectibles

    Release Date: December 2024



    Introducing the Uchiha Itachi Ultimate Diorama Statue (Pro) by HEX Collectibles, an awe-inspiring masterpiece in 32.68 Inches from the iconic Naruto Shippuden series. This meticulously crafted statue immortalizes the climactic battle between the Uchiha brothers.

    Intricately designed, Itachi pierces Orochimaru with Susanoo's Totsuka Blade, sealing him in an eternal dream state and liberating Sasuke from his curse mark. As crows soar through the sky, Itachi, adorned in his signature Akatsuki attire, strides atop crushed stones, left hand raised in a dynamic pose. His powerful Mangekyo Sharingan locks onto the enemy, while the majestic Susano’o, wielding the Totsuka Blade and the Yata Mirror, prepares for a formidable attack.

    The colossal Susano’o, donned in a long-nosed tengu mask, exudes rage with meticulously sculpted hair in motion. Transparent muscles and armor cover its entire body, surrounded by chakra flames that overflow from the base, creating an immersive battlefield atmosphere. The statue's dimensions, measuring 32.68" H x 29.53" W x 24.02" L, add a commanding presence to any space.

    True to the HEX Collectibles brand ethos, this statue embodies a commitment to pushing design boundaries and capturing the essence of beloved characters. As enthusiasts ourselves, we pledge to bring these characters to life with a dynamic design style that distinguishes HEX Collectibles.

    For avid Naruto Shippuden fans, this is an unmissable opportunity to elevate your collection with the iconic Itachi Uchiha statue. Proudly presented by Superhero Toystore, this collectible marvel seamlessly complements both home and office décor. Ideal for collectors, it also stands as a thoughtful gift, encapsulating the passion and artistry of HEX Collectibles. Don't let this extraordinary piece slip through your fingers—seize the chance to own a symbol of Naruto Shippuden's legendary saga!


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