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    Terminator 2: Judgment Day T-800 Final Battle DX Bonus Version by Prime 1 Studios

    Release Date: September 2025

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    Step into the heart of cinematic history with the Prime 1 Studio and Blitzway collaboration, a mesmerizing ode to the immortalized Terminator portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Immerse yourself in the iconic battleground of the final clash between the indomitable T-800 and the lethal T-1000 with the meticulously crafted T-800 Final Battle Deluxe Bonus Version statue.

    Standing tall at 29 inches, this masterpiece encapsulates the essence of the Terminator saga's pinnacle moments. Every detail meticulously sculpted, from the battle scars revealing the endoskeleton to the LED-illuminated eye, captures the raw intensity of this climactic scene. 

    With its LED-illuminated base and awe-inspiring detail, this sculpture is a time capsule back to the adrenaline-fueled climax of Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Pre-order now and secure your place among the fortunate few to own this marvel, where innovation meets nostalgia, and the legacy of the Terminator lives on.


    • Statue Size approximately 29 inches tall [H:74.7cm W:32.6cm D:32.6cm]
    • Highly detailed likeness sculpture of Arnold Schwarzenegger
    • Sophisticatedly tailored and designed outfits
    • T-800 Endoskeleton themed-base
    • LED illuminated on Fully Damaged head and base
    • Genuine leather Jacket and Pants
    • Multiple swappable parts for customizable displays
    • Exclusive sunglasses as a Bonus Part
    • Limited edition of only 500 pieces
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