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    S.H.Figuarts (SHINKOCCHOU SEIHOU) Ultraman Tiga by Bandai

    Introducing the SH Figuarts Ultraman Anniversary Edition - a stunning tribute to the iconic Ultraman on its 55th anniversary! Crafted using the true bone carving method and meticulously scanned from the body of Mr. Bin Furuya, the original suit actor, this masterpiece faithfully recreates the Ultraman suit from its early days.

    Under the expert supervision of Tsuburaya Productions modeling department LSS, the Ultraman suit modeling is an impeccable reproduction of the left-right asymmetry, capturing the essence of the classic character. Modeled by Mr. Minoru Narita, renowned for the SHFiguarts (true bone carving method) Ultraman Tiga series, this collectible achieves an exquisite balance.

    Included in this exclusive set are the Specium ray effect and Ultra Slash effect, both iconic features from Ultraman's adventures. The wrist, scanned from Bin Furuya's own, faithfully reproduces the unique warp and shape of Ultraman's hand.

    [Set Contents]

    • Main Body
    • Replacement Wrist (Left and Right, 6 types each)
    • Replacement Color Timer (Red)
    • Specium Ray Effect
    • Ultra Slash Effect Set
    • Pedestals and Columns for Ultra Slash Effect

    Proudly presented by Superhero Toystore, this collectible marvel is not just a showpiece but a perfect addition to your home or office décor. Ideal for collectors and Ultraman enthusiasts, this limited edition is a thoughtful and timeless gift. 

    Ages 15+

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    Made in China