Predators (Film) Berserker Predator DX Bonus Version Statue by Prime 1 Studio

Release Date: January 2025

Get ready to enter the world of Predators with Prime 1 Studio's Museum Masterline Series as we proudly present the 1/3 Scale Berserker Predator Deluxe Bonus Version from the thrilling 2010 film Predators!

The Berserker Predator, a fearsome member of the Yautja species, stands apart from its honorable counterparts by disregarding their moral code. As a Super Predator and leader of a ruthless trio, the Berserker relished the hunt, bringing prey to the otherworldly Game Preserve Planet for sadistic pleasure. Standing at an impressive 39 inches, Prime 1 Studio has meticulously crafted this murderous mastermind in stunning polystone form.

The Berserker Predator's large domed breathing mask commands attention with its menacing bony jaw and teeth. The statue offers a swappable head part, revealing the Predator's true face—a horrifying grimace that epitomizes its might and ghastliness. Each head is adorned with intricate detailing, from tendrils and spikes to scaly skin and sparse armor. Armed with ranged weapons and wrist blades, the Yautja displays closed fists with an extended wrist blade on the right arm. The helmet-mounted Targeting Laser, the left arm's wrist control panel gauntlet, and the shoulder-mounted plasmacaster are equipped with LED illumination. An additional headstand allows for the display of the extra head.

The Deluxe Version enhances display options with a swappable right arm featuring an open palm. It also includes a third right hand holding a bloody human spine, wrist blade retracted. A second left hand with an open palm and LED illumination on the mask's eye slot and shoulder-mounted plasmacaster are provided. Furthermore, an additional stand allows for the display of a ferocious Yautja skull.

Ordering the Deluxe Bonus version from our official store or authorized distributors adds an exciting bonus part—a shattered predator bio-mask resting at the Berserker's feet.

The Berserker Predator stands amidst a haunting scene of his conquests. Skulls of humans, primates, and even Yautja adorn the base—a true killing field on the Game Preserve Planet. A black and crimson nameplate proudly displays the Predators movie emblem.

If you're an avid predator collector or looking to start your collection, this extraordinary piece is a must-preorder. Act quickly, as this Deluxe Bonus Version is limited to only 300 pieces!

Game Preserve Planet killing field themed-base
Two (2) Swappable Heads
Three (3) Swappable right hand parts
Two (2) Swappable Wristblade Positions (Retracted or Extended)
Two (2) Swappable left hand parts
Two (2) Swappable Shoulder-Mounted Plasmacaster (Activated or Closed)
One (1) movable Headstand
One (1) movable Skull Headstand
Two (2) Title Plaques
Wrist Control Panel with Hinged Cover
LED illumination on Eye Helmet, Helmet-Mounted Targeting Laser, Wrist Control Panel & Shoulder-Mounted Plasmacaster
One (1) movable Damaged Bio-Mask [BONUS PART]

    Limited Edition: 300

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    Made in China