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    Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal 1/3rd Scale Statue by Pure Arts

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    It's the King of Pop - Michael Jackson is here, one of the highest-selling artists of all-time, Michael was a celebrated icon around the world inspiring millions of people to make music and dance.

    Let's celebrate his incredible legacy as Superhero Toystore and PureArts present this 1/3rd Scale Statue of Michael Jackson in his iconic lean from the famous Smooth Criminal short film which premiered on MTV on October 13th, 1988.

    Smooth Criminal was also a part of the full-length movie Moonwalker, released on October 29th of the same year. This hyper-realistic 1/3 scale premium statue by Pure Arts feature a custom-tailored clothing and incredible details from MJ's head to toe, making him an undeniable addition in any music lover's collection.

    This 23.6 inch tall statue includes Michael Jackson on the club floor base, and a microphone. Real tailored clothes, synthetic hair, and eyelashes for a hyper-realistic look and feel. Jukebox with a sound-responsive LED light system and a hidden storage area for a Bluetooth speaker.

    Steel re-enforced body pin to prevent flexing over time, Clothing includes: hat, shirt, jacket, pants, suspenders, necktie, and 2 spats (shoe covers), all tailored with real fabric, polystone shoes, 1930's money, microphone, base with a metallic logo, and diamond-like cufflinks

    Clear your shelves and let MJ moonwalk smoothly into your collection today!

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