LEGO® Creative Party Box

 Unite friends and family in a world of playful creativity with the LEGO® Classic Creative Party Box (11029). Bursting with vibrant building activities suitable for ages 5 and up, this colourful assortment guarantees an unforgettable shared playtime, no matter the occasion.

Embark on a collective building adventure with a whopping 900-piece assortment of excitement. These joyous building blocks are thoughtfully grouped into six bags, each accompanied by crystal-clear, step-by-step building instructions for crafting two effortlessly assembled models. Among these delightful creations are a cuddly teddy bear, a whimsical clown, a majestic unicorn, a festive piñata, a radiant rainbow, a scrumptious cake, a popcorn treat, buoyant balloons, and charming little presents. This set promises boundless group entertainment for any celebration, and when the festivity winds down, the imaginative construction possibilities persist! You'll even find a digital rendition of the set's building instructions within the LEGO Builder app.

Ideal for every member of the family, LEGO Classic 5+ toys infuse youngsters with inspiration while presenting a golden opportunity for adults to partake in the joy of building, fostering both creativity and developmental milestones in their children.


 - Engage in collaborative model-building adventures with the LEGO® Classic Creative Party Box (11029), tailor-made for kids aged 5+.

- Dive into an action-packed set brimming with 900 brilliantly hued pieces, neatly organized into six bags, each equipped with user-friendly building instructions for assembling two hassle-free models.

- Elevate your party with captivating building challenges as participants pair off to craft a delightful array of characters and objects, including a teddy bear, clown, unicorn, piñata, rainbow, cake, popcorn, balloons, and more.

- The fun never wanes with 12 engaging models and limitless opportunities for free-form building, making this creative set an enduring gift choice for kids aged 5+ on birthdays, holidays, or any day.

- Enjoy additional play suggestions within the set, with even more creative possibilities available online.

- Guided by an easy-to-follow visual guide, constructing these models is a breeze, and for added convenience, a digital version of the building instructions can be accessed through the LEGO® Builder app.

- LEGO® Classic sets empower young builders with open-ended play and the freedom to express their creativity.

- Rest assured in LEGO® quality, as these components adhere to stringent industry standards, ensuring consistency, compatibility, and ease of assembly.

- Prioritizing safety, LEGO® Classic bricks and pieces undergo rigorous testing, including dropping, heating, crushing, twisting, and thorough analysis to meet global safety standards.

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