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    Kidpool and Dogpool Statue by XM Studios

    Release Date: December 2024

    Join the zany world of Deadpool Corps with the exuberant Kidpool and Dogpool Premium Collectibles Statue from XM Studios. This 1/4 scale masterpiece brings to life the mischievous Kidpool and his trusty companion Dogpool, capturing their unique blend of humor and combat prowess in stunning detail.


    Feature Description
    Characters Kidpool and Dogpool
    Scale 1/4 scale (approximately 18 inches)
    Material Polystone
    Base Destroyed merry-go-round amusement ride
    Extra Head Sculpts 1 winking eye, 1 aiming expression
    Extra Left Arms 1 raised water gun, 1 supporting the gun
    Extra Right Arms 1 water gun at chest height, 1 clenched fist
    Sculpt Detail Highly detailed, capturing their personalities
    Artistry Individually hand-painted with meticulous care


    Step into the quirky world of Kidpool, the mini-merc with extraordinary hand-to-hand combat skills, and Dogpool, his dagger-wielding canine partner. Recalling their beginnings at the Xavier Orphanage for Troubled Boys, this statue embodies their transition from misfits to Multiverse-saving heroes, courtesy of Deadpool himself.

    Designed as a companion piece to XM's Deadpool and Lady Deadpool statues, this masterpiece features a thematic base resembling a destroyed merry-go-round. Kidpool waves his water gun in gleeful defiance, while Dogpool charges forth, ready to confront adversaries head-on.

    This collectible art piece embodies the light-hearted, goofy spirit synonymous with Deadpool's universe. The two interchangeable head sculpts and multiple arm options provide a range of display possibilities, allowing you to personalize your display to match your mood.

    Meticulously crafted in polystone, each statue is a testament to the skill of artists Rafa Sandoval and Pablo Vicentin, as well as the dedicated XM Studios Design and Development Team. The details are more than skin deep; they capture the essence of Kidpool and Dogpool's playful energy.

    A must-have for devoted Deadpool Corps fans, this statue completes your collection with style. Kidpool and Dogpool are ready to bring their unique brand of mayhem into your collection, so seize the opportunity to own a piece of their whimsical world.




          MADE IN CHINA