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    Jurassic Park III (Film) Tyrannosaurus-Rex Figure by Prime1 Studios

    Release Date: September 2025

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    Step into the prehistoric world of Jurassic Park III with Prime 1 Studio's latest addition to the Prime Collectible Figure Series: the awe-inspiring 1:38 scale Tyrannosaurus Rex. This iconic apex predator from the beloved franchise roared to life in a memorable clash against the formidable Spinosaurus on the captivating Ilsa Sorna.

    Crafted by our skilled artisans, this lifelike T-Rex spans an impressive 10 inches in width. Every meticulous detail, from the texturizing to the painting, shadowing, and finishing, showcases the masterful craftsmanship devoted to these reptilian predators. Its powerful jaws, razor-sharp teeth, and robust tail encapsulate the raw might that defined this apex predator's dominance on the dinosaur-filled island. Displayed upon a textured earthen base adorned with the emblematic Jurassic Park III movie logo, this figure is a testament to both artistry and authenticity.


    • Jurassic Park III-themed base featuring the iconic movie logo
    • Perfect for display in collectables rooms, bedrooms, or office spaces, adding a touch of prehistoric majesty to any environment.

    Secure your pre-order of the PCFJP-5 T-Rex today and bring the epic clash between the T-Rex and Spinosaurus into the comfort of your home. Enrich your 1/38 dinosaur collection with this captivating piece that invites you to relive the thrill of this iconic battle.

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