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    Jungle Hunter Predator DX Bonus Version Statue by Prime 1 Studio

    Release Date: January 2024

    Prime 1 Studio has created an amazing new statue in their Museum Masterline Series: the 1/3 scale Jungle Hunter Predator Deluxe Bonus Version. This statue is inspired by the classic 1987 film, Predator, which is known for its incredible action scenes, realistic effects, and one of the coolest alien designs ever.

    This statue is super detailed and made from polystone and mixed materials. It has all sorts of cool features, like real netting on the Predator's skin, LED lighting on the Bio-Mask, Plasma Cannon, and wrist-mounted control panel, and four swappable heads. The Deluxe Bonus version also comes with some extra goodies like Mac's Skull, Jim Hopper's Dog Tag, and bonus hands. Plus, it has a swappable Plasma Canon in the deactivated position and two different title plaque styles.

    At over 35 inches tall, this statue captures the moment in the film when the Predator reveals its true form to Dutch. It also includes a Bio Mask seated in tree roots and a watery effect made with translucent resin.

    If you're a fan of the Predator franchise, you won't want to miss out on this legendary classic statue. But don't wait too long, because the self-destruct sequence is counting down!


    • Predator: Jungle themed Base with watery effects
    • LED-Illuminated on "Props" Bio-Mask, Plasma Cannon and Wrist Control Panel
    • Openable Wrist Control Panel with hinged cover
    • Placeable Predator’s "Detailed" or "Props" Bio-Mask on the base
    • Four (4) Swappable heads
    • Five (5) Alternate Portraits ("Details" Bio Mask, "Props" Bio-Mask, Unmasked Classic Portrait, Unmasked Roaring Portrait and Gort Bio-Mask)
    • ”Props” Bio-Mask with Mirror Effect Visor
    • Three (3) Display stands for the swappable heads
    • Three (3) Wristblades (Retracted, Semi-Retracted and Extended)
    • Two (2)Plasma Cannon (Activated and Deactivated position)
    • One (1) Right-hand clutching Billy’s spine with skull
    • One (1) Pair of Open Hands
    • One (1) Pair of Clenched Fist
    • Two (2) Title Plaques
    • One (1) Pair of Bonus Closed Hands [BONUS PART]
    • One (1) Bonus Prehensible Extended Wristblades [BONUS PART]
    • Moveable Bonus Parts (Mac Skull and Jim Hopper Dog Tag) [BONUS PART]

      Limited Edition

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      Made in China