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  • ISRO Scale Model-LVM 3

    Unleash your excitement as we introduce the awe-inspiring LVM 3! This powerhouse of innovation, developed by ISRO, is a three-stage heavy-lift launch vehicle. With two solid strap-ons, a core liquid booster, and a cryogenic upper stage, it defies gravity with unmatched precision.

    On that historic day of July 22, 2019, the LVM 3 injected Chandrayaan-2, India's second Lunar Mission, flawlessly into Earth Parking Orbit. It was a defining moment that showcased the pinnacle of human ingenuity.

    Prepare for an extraordinary journey with the LVM 3 - a testament to human achievement that will leave you in awe!


    Feature Specification
    Dimensions LHB (16 cm * 3 cm * 3 cm)
    Material Aluminum Cast
    Product Weight 500 grams

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