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    Godzilla Vs Kong - Godzilla Final Battle Statue by Prime 1 Studios

    Delivery date: 8 Weeks from date of order

    We are proud to finally reveal the first statue in the Masterline Diorama Series of earthshaking collectibles based on Godzilla vs Kong and what's a better way to start the series than Godzilla.

    This statue showcases an extremely detailed Godzilla, King of the Monsters, who has finally made his way to Hong Kong to destroy what has been provoking him from the shadows. Surrounding him, the death and destruction he leaves in his wake! At 24 inches tall and almost three feet wide, this ultimate Godzilla diorama makes The God of Destruction look like he just walked off a film set!

    The Titanus Gojira has been deftly sculpted by Prime 1 Studios' skillful artisans; they’ve included each and every wrinkle, fin, body plate, and texture of his scaly carapace. They've paid particular attention to his face and expression, to portray Godzilla at his angriest and most indignant!

    This statue also features illuminated eyes and mouth to show him at the critical moment, right before he unleashes his Atomic Breath! And perhaps most impressively, the engineering wizards have worked out Godzilla’s dorsal fin power-up sequence. Once you turn on the diorama’s lighting, Godzilla’s dorsal fins slowly light up from the end of the tail, all the way up to his back and to his head in an impressive power-up sequence.

    To complete Godzilla's realism, Prime 1 has crafted an unbelievable miniature Hong Kong nightscape, reeling from Godzilla’s attack! LED-Illuminated buildings have been cratered and damaged, LED-Illuminated fires are raging everywhere, helicopters are swarming helplessly at the chaos, and best of all...for only the most passionate Prime 1 Studio fans, they have included the ultimate Easter Egg into the base. What could it be?

    This Ultimate Godzilla diorama is a masterwork, but what kind of fight would this be without an opponent? Check out the also released King Kong statue and complete this collection.


    • LED-Illuminated Godzilla Eyes and Mouth
    • LED-Illuminated Godzilla Dorsal Fins featuring Power-Up Sequence!
    • LED-Illuminated Buildings
    • LED-Illuminated Fires and Explosions
    • One (1) Godzilla vs Kong-themed Hong Kong base featuring Helicopters

    Proudly brought to you by Superhero Toystore, India's largest and most comprehensive Prime 1 Studios online store for collectible statues, action figures, and other merchandise!

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