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    Ghostbusters: Ray Quarter Scale Statue by PCS

    Release Date: December 2024

    The "Ghostbusters: Ray 1:4 Scale Statue" presented by Premium Collectibles Studio is a meticulously crafted collectible that pays tribute to Ray Stantz, one of the most dedicated and enthusiastic members of the Ghostbusters team. This statue captures Ray's signature look and personality with exceptional attention to detail and a focus on authenticity.

    Key Features:

    1. Impressive Size: Standing at 19 inches tall, this 1:4 scale statue makes a striking and commanding presence in any collection. It is displayed on an environment base that adds to the overall aesthetic.

    2. Realistic Likeness: Ray Stantz's likeness is portrayed with extraordinary realism and attention to detail, capturing his focused expression and personality. The sculpting and paintwork aim to bring this iconic character to life in stunning detail.

    3. Swap-Out Portrait: The statue includes a swap-out portrait of Ray wearing his iconic Ecto Goggles, allowing collectors to display him with or without this essential Ghostbusters accessory.

    4. Uniform Detailing: Every aspect of Ray's uniform is intricately designed and faithfully recreated. From his custom nametag to the Ghostbusters arm patch, protective elbow pads, and practical gold cargo zippers, no detail is overlooked.

    5. Proton Pack: At the center of this collectible stands Ray's trusted companion, the proton pack. The pack is designed with an air of technological sophistication, featuring detailed gauges, buttons, and cables. It rests securely on Ray's back, completing his Ghostbusters ensemble.

    About Ray Stantz and the Ghostbusters:

    Ray Stantz is one of the original Ghostbusters and is known for his unwavering enthusiasm and dedication to the team's mission of capturing ghosts and spirits. Alongside his fellow Ghostbusters, including Peter Venkman, Egon Spengler, and Winston Zeddemore, Ray helps protect the world from spectral invasions and paranormal phenomena. His character, portrayed by Dan Aykroyd in the Ghostbusters films, is beloved by fans for his genuine passion for the supernatural.

    The Ghostbusters franchise, which began with the 1984 film directed by Ivan Reitman, has become a cultural phenomenon. It combines elements of comedy, science fiction, and supernatural adventure, making it a cherished part of pop culture.

    Collecting the Paranormal:

    The "Ghostbusters: Ray 1:4 Scale Statue" is an ideal addition to the collections of Ghostbusters fans and collectors who appreciate finely crafted and highly detailed collectibles. Whether displayed as the centerpiece of a collection or alongside other Ghostbusters memorabilia, this statue allows fans to celebrate the iconic character of Ray Stantz and the enduring appeal of the Ghostbusters franchise.

    For those who are passionate about the paranormal and the world of ghost hunting, this statue is a must-have piece that captures the essence of the beloved character and his commitment to protecting the world from supernatural threats.

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