Disney Celebration Train by LEGO

Release Date: August 2023

Spark the imagination of young train enthusiasts aged 4+ with the captivating LEGO® Disney Celebration Train (43212) set. This buildable toy is sure to create excitement and joy as kids embark on an intuitive building adventure, accompanied by beloved Disney characters. Let's explore the features and benefits of this enchanting LEGO set:

Features Description
Recommended Age 4 years and up
Model Number 43212
Includes LEGO Disney Celebration Train with an engine, 3 train floats, a station, and 6 LEGO minifigures (Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Moana, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, and Woody)
Celebration of Disney Commemorates Disney's 100th anniversary, inspiring imaginative play and creativity
Fast and Fun Play Each bag of bricks contains a character, allowing kids to start the play at any point and finish the set later
Train-Themed Play Encourages train enthusiasts to engage in immersive play, discovering functions and hidden features on each train float
Gift for Ages 4+ Ideal for children who love trains and Disney, providing a fun and developmental play experience
Creative Construction Printed picture guides and the LEGO Builder app with zoom and rotate tools support kids in visualizing their models as they build
Starter Bricks Included to provide a sturdy base for building and enhance children's confidence in their building skills
Learning through Play Helps develop essential skills such as communication, concentration, imagination, and self-expression
Uncompromising Quality LEGO components meet stringent industry standards to ensure consistent and reliable connections
Safety First LEGO components undergo rigorous testing to meet global safety standards, ensuring child safety during play

The celebration of Disney's 100th anniversary adds a special touch to the set, inspiring kids to explore the beloved characters and their unique roles on the train floats. The play starts fast as each bag of bricks contains a character, making it easy for kids to engage in storytelling and role-play right from the beginning.

By building and playing with the Disney Celebration Train, children develop important skills, including communication, concentration, imagination, and self-expression. The set also provides an opportunity for parents and youngsters to share developmental milestones, creating lasting memories together.

The LEGO Builder app, along with the printed picture guides, supports children in their building journey, allowing them to visualize their models and build with confidence. Starter Bricks provide a solid foundation for the structures, ensuring a fuss-free building experience for children who are just starting to explore the world of LEGO.

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