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    DC Comics The Dark Knight Returns Batman Vs Superman Figure by Prime 1 Studios

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    Prime 1 Studio is excited to bring you an iconic, history-making conflict come to life! Batman versus Superman from one of the variants covers of The Dark Knight III. The statue brings DC's two iconic superheroes going at each other which showcased the difference in ideologies of two of the most famous heroes.

    Coming in at a massive 43 inches tall, this vividly detailed diorama statue freezes time at the exact moment Batman, decked out in state-of-the-art, anti-meta human armor, lands a jaw-breaking punch on Superman! Situated in Crime Alley, at the site of Bruce Wayne’s parents’ murder by Joe Chill.

    The diorama includes insane detailing as Superman clutches an arrow emitting Kryptonite gas, shot by a one-armed Green Arrow; Batman, plugged directly into Gotham City’s power grid for his next powerful attack on Superman, the fabric texture of Superman’s iconic costume and the gritty reality of the world they are fighting in.

    The paint team has meticulously layered the diorama piece with intricate levels of weathering, washes, and pigmentation to lend an environmental element to the statue. And to top it off, Prime 1 Studios has added impressive LED lighting to Batman’s eyes and to the Crime Alley lamppost in order to complete this amazing scene!

    Get ready to secure this most iconic of statue matchups! Add it to your collection today!

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