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    DC Comics Superman Vs Doomsday 1/3rd Scale (Bonus Version) Statue by Prime 1 Studios

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    Prime 1 Studios brings one of the most destructive battles from the pages of DC Comics to a big scale. The Man of Steel, the shining savior of the earth with truth and justice in his blood takes on Doomsday, who is simply put the death personified. In this Ultimate Museum Masterline statue, we bring you Jason Fabok’s glorious concept of this eternal conflict!

    Standing at over 36 inches tall, Superman Vs. Doomsday statue features The Man of Steel locked in a terrifying battle with Doomsday, as the monster bursts out of the remains of The Daily Planet globe! Jason Fabok has envisioned their titanic fight exploding in and around Metropolis, the grim setting for 1992’s groundbreaking (and heartbreaking) Death of Superman story arc. Jason Fabok has designed Superman floating in mid-air, getting ready to deliver the mother-of-all-punches to a Doomsday that looks quite eager to receive it. Doomsday stands indignantly amidst the rubble of the Daily Planet globe which usually sits atop the Daily Planet building.

    Prime 1 Studios has faithfully reproduced Superman’s chiseled portrait and godly physique embellished his iconic Superman suit with telltale textures of fabric and numerous other materials. They have heightened the danger and peril that Doomsday represents with gritty rock textures, protruding bones, and sharp horns. The base envelops the lower half of Doomsday’s body and features realistic rubble details and twisted and broken metallic structures which include the legendary Daily Planet name. And Prime 1 Studio has not compromised on the eye-catching paint application for this classic confrontation: we’ve layered this statue with bright base colors, dimensional washes, weathering, and highlight effects to bring out the realism of the piece!
    The Deluxe Version of this bombastic battle allows you to extend the storytelling once more. Choose between three (3) swappable heads for The Last Son of Krypton. Change his serious head to one of two heads where his eyes are glowing with the power of his Heat Vision, and Superman is shown with gritted teeth or full-on rage! Furthermore, enjoy swapping out his iconic Superman chest symbol between the classic Golden Age design or the one inspired by the original Max Fleischer cartoons of the 1940’s!

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