DC Comics Solar Supeman Figure by McFarlane Toys

Release Date: March 2022

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Clark, Lois, and their son Jonathan have been transported to a new, different Earth after their universe was erased from reality and replaced with the New 52 worlds that make up the Multiverse.

Clark Kent now dons a black and silver suit and goes undercover as Superman after many years of being inactive. Based on the DC Multiverse, this 7" scale figure by Mcfarlane Toys is incredibly detailed. Ultra Articulation and up to 22 moving parts allow for a wide range of posing and play.

Superman's is seen in his extremely rare Solar Suit look that protects him and enables him to retain his energy. Superman comes with a flight stand and a pair of alternate hands. A collectible art card with figure photography on the front and a character biography on the back was included in the package.

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