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    DC Comics Museum Masterline Batman Advanced Suit Limited Edition Statue by Prime 1 Studios

    Delivery date: 8 Weeks from date of order

    We are incredibly proud to present the long-awaited Batman Mechanical Suit reinterpretation by Concept Artist Josh Nizzi and Prime 1 Studios.

    It is Batman like you have never experienced before. Straight from the pages of Batman: Endgame No.1, The Joker has infected the rest of the Justice League, and his command is for them to take out The Batman!

    The genius of Bruce Wayne had contingencies planned for a day like this. When he believes his fellow Justice Leaguers might go rogue, he created the Justice Buster designed for when they come for him all at once.

    The standalone Batman statue is sculpted at full-size and to-scale with the Justice Buster suit: coming in at 20 inches tall! The bat-symbol on his chest lights up with its own dedicated LED, and his cape is fully poseable for dramatic, wind-blown action.

    Impressive on its own, or paired with the full Justice Buster Suit, this Batman statue is meant to be in any serious Batman collector’s Batcave!


    • LED illumination in chest symbol
    • Fully poseable fabric cape

      Limited Edition

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