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    Dark Nights: Metal (Comics) Harley Quinn Who Laughs favorite DX Bonus Version by Prime 1 Studio

    Release Date: April 2025

    Introducing the Ultimate Harley Quinn Who Laughs Deluxe Statue - A Must-Have for Your Dark Nights: Metal Collection!

    Unleash your inner collector with Prime 1 Studio's latest masterpiece, the 1/3 Scale MMDCMT-13DXS Harley Quinn Who Laughs Deluxe Bonus Version from the sensational Dark Nights: Metal series. This show-stopping addition to the Museum Masterline is not just a statue; it's a piece of art that encapsulates the essence of darkness and mayhem.

    Step into the Multiverse of Darkness, where beloved characters are twisted into eerie versions of themselves. Inspired by the incredible vision of DC artist Carlos D'anda, we proudly present Harley Quinn Who Laughs, a character reborn in her darkest incarnation.

    Standing an impressive 30 inches tall, Harley Quinn Who Laughs comes to life in her iconic red and blue costume, meticulously crafted with metallic and leather textures, accentuating her dark allure. The abundance of menacing spikes adds an aura of danger and rebellion – it's as metal as it gets! Her visage is concealed behind an iron caged-style mask, a sinister fusion of metal and darkness that strikes fear into the hearts of all who gaze upon it. For those who dare to see her true face, a swappable head portrait reveals a stunning countenance beneath the mask, adorned with intricate face paint and golden locks.

    The Queen of Chaos dominates the scene, wielding dark chains in her left hand, restraining her loyal hyenas Bud and Lou, their eyes ablaze with savage hunger and menacing snarls. A massive, blood-dripping meat cleaver is her weapon of choice, completing the menacing tableau. At her feet lies a base of pure despair - heavy metal, rubble, chains, bloodstains, and skulls – a spine-chilling combination that sends shivers down your spine.

    But that's not all! The Deluxe Version offers you the opportunity to enhance your storytelling and customize your Harley display. With three swappable head parts, two masked variants, and an unmasked variant, each accompanied by its own headstand, you have the power to create the perfect narrative. Harley's right-hand weapon can be interchanged with a freshly bloodied hammer or a spiked bat, while her left hand can be freed from the chains, fingers snapping in anticipation.

    And here's the ultimate twist - when you order the Bonus version exclusively from our official store or any authorized distributor, you'll receive an additional swappable masked variant head part with its own display headstand, enhancing your display options even further.

    Don't miss out on your chance to own the MMDCMT-13DXS Harley Quinn Who Laughs Deluxe Bonus Version and add this gloriously gruesome depiction of the Mistress of Mayhem to your Dark Nights: Metal collection today!


    • Statue Size: Approximately 30 inches [H: 78cm W: 44cm D: 51cm]
    • Statue Size with Hammer: Approximately 30 inches [H: 78cm W: 46cm D: 51cm]
    • Statue Size with Bat: Approximately 30 inches [H: 78cm W: 48cm D: 56cm]
    • Dark Nights Metal Madness-themed Base
    • Five (5) Swappable head parts
    • Four (4) display headstands
    • Three (3) Swappable right-hand parts
    • Two (2) Swappable left-hand parts
    • One (1) Swappable Bonus head part [BONUS PART]
    • One (1) Displayable Bonus headstand [BONUS PART]

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