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    Chun-Li: Powerlifting Statue by PCS Collectibles

    Release Date: March 2025

    Elevate your collection with the Street Fighter Chun-Li: Powerlifting 1:4 Premier Series Statue, as this World Warrior hones her strength to perfection.

    Standing impressively at nearly 15” tall, this meticulously crafted Street Figure Chun-li Statue captures the essence of the gifted Kung Fu practitioner in the midst of an intense training session. Chun-Li's focused facial expression radiates determination, infusing your display with a captivating sense of drama.

    Every aspect of this statue has been expertly painted, offering a refreshing and casual reinterpretation of Chun-Li's iconic style. The white leggings, paired with blue stripes matching her crop top and sneakers, create a visually striking ensemble. The barbell's detailed plates, visibly sagging under their weight, vividly portray the immense effort required to execute Chun-Li's renowned powerful kicks.

    Perfectly sized at 14.5" H x 21.5" W x 10" L, this statue marvel is proudly presented by Prime1 Studios. Whether adorning your home or office, this statue serves as an exceptional gift, showcasing a blend of artistic excellence and iconic Street Fighter legacy.

    For Ages 18+

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    Made in China