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    Chainsaw Man Power and Meowy S-Fire 1:7 Scale Statue by SEGA

    Release Date: March 2025

    Get ready to unleash the power of Chainsaw Man with this incredible 1/7 scale figure brought to you by SEGA! Based on the popular anime series, this figure captures the essence of Power, one of the fascinating characters from the series.

    In this original design, Power is depicted in a dynamic pose, gripping her trusty hammer in one hand while affectionately caressing Meowy, her feline companion, with the other. The figure showcases meticulous sculpting, ensuring that every detail of Power's appearance is faithfully recreated. From her devil-may-care smile to her billowing hair and intricately designed outfit, this figure truly brings Power to life.

    What sets this figure apart is the remarkable attention to detail given to Power's blood weapons. The coloring and texturing of these weapons are incredibly realistic, adding depth and dimension to the figure. This level of craftsmanship exemplifies the quality and dedication you can expect from S-FIRE.

    Whether you're a fan of the Chainsaw Man anime or simply appreciate finely crafted figures, this Power 1/7 scale figure is a must-have addition to your collection. It showcases the unique charm and charisma of the character, allowing you to display Power in all her glory.

    Features Specifications
    Character Power
    Scale 1/7
    Series Chainsaw Man
    Pose Gripping hammer in one hand, caressing Meowy with the other
    Sculpting Exquisite care, capturing Power's characteristic features
    Outfit Incredibly detailed, faithful to the anime design
    Blood Weapons Realistic coloring and texturing for enhanced realism
    Manufacturer SEGA


    Experience the power of Chainsaw Man with this stunning Power 1/7 scale figure. Display her proudly in your collection and relish the intricate details that make this figure a true work of art.

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    AGE 15+