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    Red Hulk: Thunderbolt Ross Premium Statue Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

    Release Date: July 2025



    Attention True Believers! Sideshow smashes through your collection with the RED HOT Red Hulk: Thunderbolt Ross Premium Format Figure! This ain't your average figurine – it's a retailer-exclusive BEHEMOTH of crimson fury, standing a mighty 29 inches tall!

    The Red Hulk's about to erupt! He bursts from a base of shattered concrete, muscles rippling and fists ablaze. One look at that ferocious roar and you know – get outta the way or get toasted!

    This ain't just big, it's burning big! This meticulously sculpted inferno is painted a fiery red, a perfect contrast to his tattered charcoal shorts that barely contain his gamma-powered rage. His only connection to General Ross is his salt-and-pepper hair – a reminder of the military mind beneath the monstrous rage.

    Own a piece of Marvel history (and maybe scorch your display case)! This isn't just a statue, it's a portal to a world of gamma radiation and scorching fury. Head to your local Sideshow retailer today and pre-order the ultimate Red Hulk statue before he melts the competition!


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