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    Batman (Comics) Poison Ivy Seduction Throne Statue by Prime1 Studios

    Release Date: December 2025



    Unveiling the Poison Ivy Seduction Throne, the latest captivating addition to the Throne Legacy Collection. Collaborating with esteemed DC artist Carlos D’Anda, Prime 1 Studios present this mesmerizing piece that captures Poison Ivy’s allure and power.

    Gazing upon her subjects with a captivating aroma, Poison Ivy sits majestically upon a throne of lush foliage, twisted vines, and deep roots. The intoxicating fragrance emanates from the overgrown verdant vegetation, hinting at exotic flowers, lush greenery, and a touch of danger—enough to ensnare any man under her enchanting spell. The artisans at Prime 1 Studio, with Carlos D’Anda’s assistance, meticulously crafted every vine and leaf, creating a testament to true craftsmanship and dedication.

    From her beautiful facial features to the carnivorous plant life surrounding her, this piece is a sight to behold from all angles. The decayed remnants of unfortunate victims, intricately etched stone, and composted casualties add to its allure. All hail Queen Ivy!

    This exquisite masterpiece is a must-have for any fan. The beckoning allure of the green temptress is simply irresistible. Pre-order the  Poison Ivy Seduction Throne while quantities last! 


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