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    Harry Potter With Hedwig Statue by Prime1 Studios

    Release Date: December 2025


    Hey all Harry Potter fans!

    Prime 1 Studio brings you another enchanting collectible – the PCFHP-03 Harry Potter with Hedwig statue, a magical recreation of the Boy Who Lived alongside his loyal companion.

    This captivating 11-inch statue captures the wonder of Harry's first year at Hogwarts. Harry, clad in his iconic first-year uniform, radiates a sense of adventure with Hedwig, the Snowy Owl, perched regally on his arm. Their bond embodies the companionship and loyalty shared between wizards and their magical creatures.

    Prime 1 Studio's talented artists have meticulously recreated every detail, from the intricate folds of Harry's Gryffindor robe to the glint of curiosity in his eyes. Hedwig's snowy feathers and keen gaze are brought to life with stunning realism.

    Bring the magic of Hogwarts home! This PCFHP-03 statue is a must-have for any Harry Potter collection, new or established. It perfectly encapsulates the timeless magic of J.K. Rowling's beloved universe.

    Whether you're a seasoned collector or simply seeking a magical addition to your home or office, pre-order your PCFHP-03 Harry Potter with Hedwig statue today!


    • Statue Size: Approximately 11 inches tall (H:28cm W:15cm D:15cm)
    • Harry Potter-themed base


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    Made in China