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    Harry Potter Dobby Bonus Version Statue by Prime1 Studios

    Release Date: December 2025



    Harry Potter fans, rejoice!

    Prime 1 Studio has conjured a magical addition for your collection – the HDMMHP-01 Dobby Bonus Version, a meticulously crafted statue that captures the beloved house-elf in a moment of triumph.

    This exquisitely detailed 21-inch statue brings Dobby back to life, showcasing his large, expressive eyes, his signature mismatched clothing, and the iconic finger snap that symbolizes his defiance and unwavering loyalty. Prime 1 Studio's talented artists have poured their magic into every detail, ensuring this piece embodies the true essence of Dobby's charm and spirit.

    But wait, there's more! Pre-order from the official store or an authorized distributor, and you'll receive a miniature replica of Aunt Petunia's infamous pudding – the very same dessert Dobby famously "accidentally" destroyed, much to her dismay!

    Whether you're a lifelong Harry Potter devotee or simply admire Dobby's courage and selflessness, this statue is a must-have for your collection. Don't miss this opportunity to bring the magic of Hogwarts home and let Dobby's whimsical presence enchant your surroundings. Pre-order the HDMMHP-01 Dobby Bonus Version today!


    • Statue Size: Approximately 21 inches tall (H:55cm W:31cm D:38cm)
    • Harry Potter-Themed Base
    • One (1) Petunia Dursley’s Pudding (Bonus Part)

    For Ages 14+

    Made in China

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