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    Batman Tactical Throne "Design by Gabriele Dell'Otto" Ultimate Bonus Version Statue by Prime 1 Studios

    Release Date: January 2025

    Prepare to be captivated by Prime 1 Studio's latest triumph - the Batman Tactical Throne Ultimate Bonus Version. A celebration of their 10th anniversary, this 1:4 Scale statue, in collaboration with renowned comic artist Gabriele Dell’Otto, is an astonishing rendition of Batman that will leave you awe-inspired.

    • Limited Edition: 500
    • Scale: 1:4
    • Height: Approx. 18 inches (Batman), Over 25 inches (with diorama)


    • Exceptional Collaboration: This Batman statue is the result of Prime 1 Studio's collaboration with Gabriele Dell’Otto, based on a variant cover of Batman Vol 3 #111. The essence of Batman's character is impeccably captured in this breathtaking sculpture.
    • Intricate Detail: Every aspect of Batman's appearance, from the fabric wrinkles of his classic blue and grey costume to the signs of wear and tear, has been sculpted with unparalleled attention to detail. The shading and subtle nuances evoke a sense of realism that's truly remarkable.
    • Thoughtful Pose: Batman sits on his throne in the Batcave, deep in contemplation. The sculpture radiates his tactical mindset and intense focus, capturing a moment of introspection and preparation.
    • Ultimate Version Enhancements: The Ultimate Bonus Version offers an unparalleled experience. Four illuminated monitors stand behind Batman, displaying intricate details and tracking systems. Two additional swappable left arms provide flexibility in posing, and an extra cape and an unmasked Bruce Wayne portrait add diversity to your display.
    • Grandiose Batcave Diorama: The Ultimate Version's diorama features a stunning Batcave backdrop. A secret entrance to the Batcave with Batman and the iconic Batmobile is revealed at the back. LED illumination enhances the atmosphere with shades of black, grey, and blue, topped by the iconic Bat-Insignia.


    Elevate Your Collection:

    Whether you're a devoted Batman fan or a connoisseur of exceptional artistry, the Batman Tactical Throne Ultimate Bonus Version is a must-have centerpiece. Pre-order now to own a visually stunning masterpiece that pays tribute to Prime 1 Studio's 10-year legacy and brings the world of Batman to life in your own space.


    • Batcave-themed base with four illuminated monitors
    • Batcave-themed base diorama
    • LED illumination on monitors and base
    • Three swappable left arm parts
    • One swappable cape part
    • Two swappable head parts
    • One swappable bonus head part

    Don't miss this opportunity to own a piece of art that encapsulates the essence of Batman in an extraordinary way. Order the Batman Tactical Throne Ultimate Bonus Version now and become part of a legacy that celebrates art and fandom.

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