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    Batman (Comics) City of Bane Bane on Throne Statue (Concept design by Carlos D'Anda) Bonus Version by Prime1 Studios

    Release Date: January 2026


    Step into the dark and gritty world of Gotham City with Bane, born from the shadows of the City of Bane storyline and the alternate reality of Flashpoint

    Seated upon his commanding throne of dark and rusty metalware, Bane gazes down upon his subjects with an aura of menace and authority. His elbow confidently rests on his knee, and his left hand firmly grips the arm of the throne. Every aspect of this piece, from the intricate designs of the metalware throne to the green Venom flowing through tubes on his back, serves as a chilling reminder of his unwavering grip on Gotham City.


    • Statue Size approximately 24 inches tall [H:61cm W:57cm D:47cm]
    • City of Bane throne base
    • Four (4) Swappable head parts
    • Three (3) Head stands
    • One (1) Additional swappable head part [BONUS]
    • One (1) Additional Head stand [BONUS]

    Collaborating with esteemed artist Carlos D’Anda, we’ve depicted the sinister ruler of the City of Bane in all his dominance and power. The Deluxe Version includes three additional head parts, representing various face masks as portrayed throughout the comics. Each head comes with its own display stand for expanded storytelling.

    When you order from our official online store you’ll receive a fifth swappable head part variation and its stand. Elevate your collection with this captivating centerpiece and let the City of Bane reign supreme in your display. 



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