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    Batman (Comics) Hellbat Regular Version Statue by Prime 1 Studio

    Release Date: May 2025

    Unleash the Power of Justice with the Ultimate Premium Masterline Batman Hellbat "Concept Design by Josh Nizzi"!

    Prepare to dive into the heart-pounding world of DC's iconic Caped Crusader with Prime 1 Studio's latest masterpiece: the UPMDC-06 Ultimate Premium Masterline Batman Hellbat. This is no ordinary suit – it's a daring choice that beckons power, but at a formidable price. Batman enthusiasts, get ready to be captivated by the sheer epicness of this release.

    Batman, wearing the Hellbat suit, embarks on a heroic and gruelling mission to resurrect his beloved son, Damian Wayne. Yet, standing in his path is none other than the formidable Darkseid, one of the DC Universe's most menacing villains. The Hellbat is no ordinary armour; it's a double-edged blade that demands a tremendous sacrifice from its wearer, trading immense strength for their very life.

    In a remarkable collaboration, Prime 1 Studio joined forces with the acclaimed concept artist Josh Nizzi to bring forth the full might of this high-stakes and unforgiving exo-suit. The Hellbat's surreal offensive and evasive capabilities come to life through the energy-based broadsword and the imposing wings sprouting from its back. The vivid red eye visor of the helmet and the chest insignia adorning the mechanical torso make a clear statement: "Do not cross Batman." Josh Nizzi's creative touch shines as he highlights the muscle lines across the entire body with striking red accents, showcasing the suit's unparalleled flexibility and durability, thanks to its nano-kinetic metallic construction.

    The base of this legendary suit is inspired by the dreaded planet Apokolips. It is masterfully finished with embedded LEDs, casting an eerie illumination that mimics blazing flames. The iconic metallic red bat symbol on the base guides you straight to the battleground, immersing you in the heart of the action.

    For collectors and fans alike, this is an absolute must-have addition to your treasured collection. With the combined wisdom of the Justice League behind its creation, the Hellbat suit is designed to challenge even the mighty Darkseid himself. Don't miss your chance to own a piece of DC history. Secure your order for the UPMDC-06 Ultimate Premium Masterline Batman Hellbat "Concept Design by Josh Nizzi" today!


    • Apokolips-themed base
    • LED Illumination flames on base

    Get ready to become a part of the Batman legacy like never before!

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