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  • Barbie Pastry Chef Doll by Mattel

    Introducing the Pastry Chef Barbie doll, a delightful addition to any young chef's playtime! This set is perfect for kids who love cooking and baking and want to explore the world of pastry-making with Barbie.

    The Pastry Chef Barbie doll comes dressed in a stylish chef's outfit, complete with a chef's hat and a charming apron. With her professional look, Barbie is ready to whip up some delicious treats in her imaginary bakery.

    The set also includes a delectable-looking pink cupcake that fits perfectly in Barbie's hand. This cupcake accessory adds an extra element of fun and allows kids to engage in imaginative storytelling and pretend play. They can create their own baking adventures, design new cupcake recipes, and even host a sweet tea party with their friends and other Barbie dolls.

    Playing with the Pastry Chef Barbie doll not only provides hours of entertainment but also encourages imaginative play and sparks creativity. It inspires kids to dream big about their future careers and explore the world of culinary arts.

    This Barbie doll set makes a great gift for children aged 3 and up who have a passion for cooking or an interest in becoming a pastry chef. It's a wonderful way to foster their imagination, develop storytelling skills, and encourage role-playing.

    Get ready for a delightful baking adventure with the Pastry Chef Barbie doll! 

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        For Ages 3+

        Choking Hazard

        Easy Returns

        Made in Indonesia

        Cash on Delivery Available