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  • Barbie Glitz Doll - Barbie in Teal Metallic Dress by Mattel

    Barbie shines like a star in her dazzling sequined look! These Barbie dolls are all about modern style, featuring trendy mini dresses and accessories that are sure to make a statement.

    One of the Barbie dolls in this collection is dressed in a stunning teal dress, completely embellished with metallic detail. The dress is perfect for any nighttime soiree, with its fitted one-shoulder silhouette and sheer ruffle trim adding an extra touch of pizzazz. To complete the look, the doll comes with a matching choker necklace and slender heels, making her ready for any party or special event.

    Barbie's brunette hair is styled straight, adding an extra sleek touch to her overall glamorous appearance. With their glitzy looks, these Barbie dolls are sure to capture attention and inspire fashion-forward storytelling.

    Whether it's a red carpet event, a night out with friends, or a special occasion, these dolls are dressed to impress. Kids of all ages can let their imaginations run wild as they create stylish adventures and fashion-forward stories with these dazzling Barbie dolls.

    So, let Barbie be your style inspiration and get ready for some fabulous storytelling and fashionable fun. With their shimmering sequined looks, these Barbie dolls are sure to bring a touch of glamour to any playtime experience.

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        For Ages 3+

        Choking Hazard

        Easy Returns

        Made in Indonesia

        Cash on Delivery Available