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    Avatar: The Way of Water Jake Sully Bonus Version Statue by Prime 1 Studio

    Release Date: January 2025

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    Prime 1 Studio is incredibly excited to present our latest addition to the Ultimate Diorama Masterline Series Jake Sully BONUS VERSION from Avatar: The Way of the Water.

    Inspired by one of the most highly anticipated motion pictures of all time, our production artists have once again demonstrated their exceptional talent in bringing the vibrant world of Pandora's ocean environment to life. With the release of Avatar: The Way of the Water, James Cameron has transported us back to the breathtaking landscapes, contrasting textures, and magical creatures that make this world so captivating.

    Creating this masterpiece required the highest level of technical experience and expertise from our Prime 1 Studio artists. We aimed to capture the same visual experience that audiences have inside the theater, striving to push boundaries and offer our most detailed piece to date.

    The statue depicts Jake Sully riding his majestic skimwing, soaring above the pristine blue ocean surface with floating arched rocky mountains in the backdrop. Armed with his rifle, Jake is determined to protect his family and confront any enemies that may cross their path. The base showcases vibrant corals, luminescent rays, and their children happily swimming alongside the beautiful Ilu. With LED technology, the statue replicates the refractions of light through the water, creating an immersive experience when admiring this breathtaking piece.

    When you order the bonus version, you will receive a movie logo plate that can be displayed at the base of the statue, adding a touch of authenticity to your collection.

    Specifications Features
    Statue of Jake Sully flying on skimwing - Captures the iconic scene of Jake Sully riding his majestic skimwing
    Avatar movie logo plate [BONUS PART] - Included bonus part featuring the movie logo plate for display
    Coral reef ocean-themed base - Intricately designed base depicting a coral reef and vibrant ocean environment
    LED-illuminated base - Features LED technology to replicate light refractions through the water
    Height: Approximately 10 inches - Stands at a height of approximately 10 inches
    High level of detail and craftsmanship - Exceptional attention to detail and expert craftsmanship
    Immersive representation of Pandora's ocean environment - Brings to life the vibrant and magical world of Pandora's ocean
    Perfect addition to any Avatar fan's collection - Ideal for fans of Avatar looking to capture the grandiosity of the film
    Limited edition collectible - A limited edition collectible, adding exclusivity to your collection

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