Ariel's Treasure Chest by LEGO

Release Date: August 2023

Ignite the creativity of young builders and Disney fans aged 6 and up with the LEGO® ǀ Disney Ariel's Treasure Chest (43229) set. This enchanting set features a treasure chest with an opening lid, drawers, and a spinning turntable, along with various "thingamabobs" to spark imaginative play. Included in the set are a Disney's Ariel LEGO mini-doll figure in a blue 'diamond' dress, Flounder and Sebastian LEGO animal figures, and a DOTS bracelet with a variety of tiles for decorating. The LEGO Builder app enhances the building experience, allowing kids to explore 3D models, save sets, and track their progress.

Here are the key features and benefits of this LEGO set:

Features Description
Recommended Age 6 years and up
Model Number 43229
Includes Ariel's treasure chest with opening lid, drawers, and spinning turntable, Disney's Ariel LEGO mini-doll figure, Flounder and Sebastian LEGO animal figures, DOTS bracelet, and tiles for decorating
Creative Play Boost children's confidence in building and decoration skills while providing hidden spaces for them to tuck their own treasures inside
Iconic Characters Features Disney's Ariel in LEGO mini-doll form, along with Flounder and Sebastian for role-play fun
Expandable Play The Ariel LEGO mini-doll figure can be added to other Disney 'diamond' dress sets (sold separately) to expand the play
Ideal Birthday Gift Perfect for children with a passion for Disney movies, creative art-and-design play, or LEGO building
Functional Treasure Chest The treasure chest measures over 3.5 inches (9 cm) high, 7.5 inches (19 cm) wide, and 3.5 inches (9 cm) deep, providing ample space for imaginative play
Intuitive Building Adventure The LEGO Builder app guides builders through an easy and intuitive building process, offering 3D model viewing, set saving, and progress tracking
Uncompromising Quality LEGO components have consistently met stringent industry standards since 1958, ensuring reliable connections and durability
Safety Tested LEGO components undergo comprehensive testing, including various stress tests, to meet rigorous global safety standards

The LEGO® ǀ Disney Ariel's Treasure Chest (43229) set is designed to inspire the imagination of young builders and Disney fans. The treasure chest features various compartments and functions, allowing children to store their own treasures and create imaginative play scenarios. The set includes a LEGO mini-doll figure of Disney's Ariel, along with animal figures Flounder and Sebastian, providing opportunities for role-play and storytelling.

The set also includes a DOTS bracelet and tiles for decorating, promoting creativity and customization. The treasure chest and accessories can be combined with other Disney 'diamond' dress sets to expand the play and create unique adventures.

With the LEGO Builder app, children can enjoy an intuitive building adventure. The app offers 3D model viewing, set saving, and progress tracking, enhancing the overall building experience.

This LEGO set not only provides entertainment but also fosters important life skills such as creativity and imagination. LEGO components are known for their high quality and durability, ensuring long-lasting play experiences.

LEGO takes safety seriously, subjecting its components to rigorous testing to meet global safety standards, providing peace of mind for builders of all ages.

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