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  • Alien vs. Predator Celtic Predator Statue by Prime1 Studios

    Release Date: December 2025

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    Standing at an impressive height of over 37 inches, Alien vs. Predator Celtic boasts a nightmarish Bio-Mask moulded around his mandibles, a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship by Prime 1 Studio's talented artists. This exclusive statue, limited to just 150 pieces worldwide, is a must-have for discerning collectors and Predator enthusiasts.

    Celtic is fully equipped for battle, featuring swappable right-hand parts for a clenched fist, the iconic Combistick, or an open palm. The left hand also offers options of a clenched fist or an open palm. The swappable Wristblades and Combistick allow for dynamic displays, with varying lengths and states. Engage in the storytelling experience with an additional bonus – a swappable undamaged Bio-Mask, enhancing the fear-inducing presence of this fearsome Yautja.


    • Statue Size: Approximately 37.4 inches tall [H:95cm W:73cm D:88cm]
    • AVP themed-base
    • Three (3) Swappable right-hand parts (Clenched fist, Combistick, and open palm)
    • Two (2) Swappable left-hand parts (Clenched fist and open palm)
    • Four (4) Swappable Wristblades (Retracted, Partially extended, Fully Extended, and Reverse)
    • Two (2) Swappable Combistick (Retracted and Extended)
    • Two (2) Title Plaques (Silver and Black)

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    FOR AGES 14+