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    3D Coloring Model - Bike

    This all-in-one DIY kit is the perfect way for kids to explore their creativity and develop valuable STEM skills. It's a:

    • 3D Puzzle: Challenge young minds to build their own wooden bike model with easy, glueless assembly.
    • 3D Coloring Model: Unleash artistic expression! The paintable surfaces let kids personalize their bike with vibrant colors and designs.
    • 3D Desk Organizer: The finished product doubles as a functional and colorful pen stand, keeping their workspace tidy.

    Designed for Ages 8 and Up:

    The Funvention 3D Coloring Model - Bike is perfect for [Target Age Range] year olds and up, fostering:

    • Spatial Reasoning & Problem-Solving Skills through puzzle assembly.
    • Fine Motor Skills & Dexterity through coloring and painting.
    • Creativity & Self-Expression with limitless design possibilities.
    • STEM Learning by combining play with engineering and artistic concepts.

    Additional Highlights:

    • Made from high-quality, eco-friendly materials for safe and sustainable fun.
    • Precise laser cutting ensures a perfect fit for each puzzle piece.
    • Available in single packs or bulk quantities for classrooms, party favors, or gifts.

    Turn playtime into an educational adventure with the Funvention 3D Coloring Model - Bike!