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    3D Coloring Model - Bi-Plane

    Take Creativity Skies High with the Funvention 3D Coloring Bi-Plane & Pen Stand!

    Get ready for a takeoff of artistic fun with this unique 2-in-1 toy!

    Here's why it's a propeller-head's dream:

    • DIY Craft & Construction: Fuel those imaginations! Kids build their very own bi-plane model with easy-to-assemble, precision laser-cut wooden pieces. No glue is required, just pure building joy!
    • Double Duty Fun: Once constructed, the bi-plane transforms into a colourful canvas! Paints, markers, crayons – unleash creativity and personalize this sky machine.
    • Organized Workspace: Mission accomplished! The decorated bi-plane takes on a new role as a trusty pen stand, keeping desks tidy and inspiring artistic endeavours.
    • STEM Learning in Action: This engaging toy incorporates principles of science, technology, engineering, and math, all while fostering artistic expression and problem-solving skills.
    • Fantastic Gift: This ensemble toy can be a fantastic gift for 

    The Funvention 3D Coloring Bi-Plane & Pen Stand is perfect for:

    • Aspiring pilots and aviation buffs
    • Kids who love hands-on activities and arts & crafts
    • Parents seeking educational and entertaining playtime options

    Let the artistic adventure begin! Order your Funvention Bi-Plane today!