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  • July 07, 2022 2 min read

    Okay, let's do this. Do you want the short version or the long version? How about I give you both?

    Short version: if you are missing the pre-endgame era of Marvel films you should definitely watch it. Now let's begin the long version. Thor Love and Thunder isn't a Chris Hemsworth film, it's not a Christian Bale film, it's not a Natalie Portman film. It's an all in all Taika Waititi film. It's so refreshing to see a Marvel movie which is driven by direction. 

    The film is blessed with a very interesting storyline and has the perfect director as Taika who pulls off double duty once again as Korg who also serves as the narrator of the film, to visualise and present it. Don't get me wrong. The performances from its stellar star cast are incredible. Chris Hemsworth as Thor continues to be awesome onscreen, and Christian Bale gives us perhaps the best MCU villain since Michael B Jordan's Erik Killmonger, Natalie Portman and Tessa Thompson are great as The Mighty Lady Thor and Valkyrie and not reduced usual damsels in distress tropes. Lady Thor is mighty in every sense and Valkyrie is the king that Asgard deserves.

    The film has a very modern and contemporary take on Gods and spirituality. Without taking away its humorous and goofy tone, Taika manages to push some serious thoughts through which at this point have become his trademark. Similar to his previous film Jojo Rabbit, Taika conveys tragedies, faith, and cruelty etc in a different yet overwhelming way.

    The visuals and battles are stunning. Thor has been part of some of the most spectacular looking Battles in the MCU and this film only enhances it. The whole Rock and Roll Space Viking vibe is absolutely stunning to watch on the big screen.

    Speaking of rock and roll, the choice of soundtrack is the best in the entire MCU. Ragnarok was famous for its fun soundtrack but Love and Thunder takes it up a notch with classics after classics from bands like AC/DC, Guns and Roses, and Motley Crew. The songs aren't there to just make the soundtrack cooler, the songs go perfectly with the context of the scenes on screen. These classic songs are going to see an increase in plays on Spotify in coming days.

    In conclusion, Thor Love and Thunder is absolutely entertaining, for long-term Marvel fans this film would be both new and yet familiar and thus it's a must watch and to be experienced on the big screen film. Please note there are one mid and post credit scenes and a surprise message in the end, so make sure to be the last one to leave the theatre.

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