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  • XM Studios: Why this brand deserves a serious look from collectors?

    September 10, 2022 2 min read

    They might be the new kid on the block in a sea of collectible manufacturers but they are surely different, a cool kind of different. So let us tell you what makes XM worthy of your nect purchase.

    The prestige and satisfaction that comes with owning an XM piece is due to more than just their uncompromising quality, outstanding designs, and limited availability. Their unwavering pursuit of excellence has pushed them to push the boundaries of possibility, shatter myths, and create new grails.

    XM strives to perfect the most important aspect of the collecting experience, in addition to creating works of art. Excitement. Exhilaration. Pleasure and pride. Status, or the "XM experience," is completely real.

    Due to their high value and limited availability, XM pieces appeal only to the most dedicated and discriminating collectors. After all, nothing worthwhile is easy to obtain.

    The benchmark of quality

    From concept design to sculpt, stability engineering, materials used, finishing, and packaging, XM goes to great lengths to source only the best. Every XM piece is subjected to an additional rigorous quality check process after manufacturing by XM's in-house trained artisans. No piece created by human hands is perfect, but an XM piece is as close to perfection as it can get.

    Luxury Collectibles Made by Hand

    Their statues are painstakingly crafted and painted one at a time by experienced hands rather than machines. The XM founders constantly select and train these artisans to exacting standards. They value and compensate artisans because they believe their collectors deserve artisan pieces rather than low-cost factory mass-produced products. That is why an XM piece retains its value so well.

    Designed to Inspire

    Thick and sturdy faux leather packaging with metal corners for protection. Velcro straps for simple and reusable handling. Individually serial coded pieces that are truly yours. Showcase centrepieces that tell a story and elicit emotion. Above all, XM is inspired by the collectors community; their work is shaped by the collective voice of collectors. A XM piece is more than just a collectible; it's a work of art.

    Why should one own a XM?

    If the reasons listed above aren't enough for you, don't worry, we've got more. Because of their storytelling builds, XM is the right choice for you if you like the sophisticated side of things. XM products are massive and packed with features. In 1/6 Scale and even larger 1/4 Scale, they bring your favourite heroes and villains to life in amazing detail.

    Each XM Statue is so detailed that it takes centre stage in any collection. They can be as tall as 60 inches, and the one you own could be one of only 1000 ever made.

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