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    Yellow 1:64 Scale Belly Tanker Die-Cast Truck by M2 Machines

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    Introducing the BELLY TANKER “MOONEYES” 1:64 M2 Machines Diecast Scale Model Collectable, a miniature marvel for automotive aficionados and collectors alike.

    This officially licensed 1:64 scale model from the Driver's Series, Release 11228-99, encapsulates the essence of the iconic BELLY TANKER “MOONEYES” in stunning detail. Crafted with precision and care, this miniature beauty boasts opening parts, meticulously replicating the intricate features as seen in the pictures.

    This BELLY TANKER “MOONEYES” model transcends the confines of a mere collectable. It serves as an excellent adornment for both home and office spaces, adding a touch of automotive finesse to any environment. Whether displayed on a collector rack, showcased in an office setting, or simply placed as a showpiece, its allure is undeniable.

    Indulge in the world of automotive excellence and elevate your collection with this BELLY TANKER “MOONEYES” 1:64 M2 Machines Diecast Scale Model Collectable—where craftsmanship meets passion in perfect scale.

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