X Men Sugar Man BAF: X-Man Marvel Legends Figure by Hasbro

Expected Release Date: December End 2020

Nathaniel Grey (X-Man) is, more or less, an alternate reality version of Nathan Summers, AKA Cable. Aside from their genetic parentage and mutant abilities, Cable and X-Man’s histories are wildly different. What is most important in their relationship is that they’re both the son of Scott Summers and Jean Grey and they both have incredible psychic potential. Like Cable, X-Man has incredible telekinetic powers – however, unlike Cable, X-Man isn’t subject to an intense Techno-Organic virus that hinders his abilities.

Their divergence is all in the details, though. While Cable is a mainstay of the mainstream Marvel Universe with many spin-offs, alt-universe versions, and time-tossed duplicates himself, X-Man is a transplant to the Mainstream Marvel Universe, having crossed over from the alternate reality tale “Age of Apocalypse."

Based on Marvel Comics X-Men: Age of Apocalypse series, Superhero Toystore, and Hasbro present the highly detailed X-Man figure. Measuring 6-inches tall this figure features multiple points of articulation for a wide range of motion.

The figure even Includes a piece of the Sugar Man Build-A-Figure, Collect the entire range to assemble this mighty villain.

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