X Men Sugar Man BAF: Weapon X Marvel Legends Figure by Hasbro

Born a mutant with enhanced senses, retracting claws and a regenerative healing factor that has slowed his ageing, Logan was used as a guinea pig in the Weapon X assassin program where his skeleton was bonded to the indestructible element adamantium. With his memory wiped, Logan adopted the codename Wolverine and became an integral member of the X-Men while seeking out the truth of his past and revenge against those that experimented on him.

Hasbro and Superhero Toystore present the highly detailed Weapon X Marvel Legends figure. Based on the designs from Marvel Comics X-Men: Age of Apocalypse, this Weapon X figure measures 6-inches tall and features multiple points of articulation for a wide range of motion and comes with an alternate hand accessory!

Included with this figure is a piece of the Build-A-Figure, The Sugar Man! Collect the entire range to assemble this mighty villain

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