X-Men Storm Retro Marvel Legends Figure by Hasbro

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Hey Fellow X-Men Fans, It's time to wind the clock back and bring some nostalgia back to life with these retro Marvel Legends figures from Hasbro. We are taking you back to the golden ages with these retro figures which are designed on the basis of the classic looks of the characters from the golden age and packaged in a vintage box to complete the look.

Bad Weather Alert! Storm has the amazing mutant power to control the weather with her mind, She can create anything from a simple summer shower to a raging hurricane. By raising her arms, she can command the winds to fly her anywhere.

Bring back the weather-wielding hero battling through the pages of Classic Marvel X-Men comics with this 6-inch-scale Marvel’s Storm vintage figure, including character-inspired accessories - 2 Effect Pieces

This Figure features amazing paintwork and articulation to making it an amazing vintage feeling piece to collect

Expected Launch Date Last Week September 2019

Ages 4 & up

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