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X-Men Marvel Comics Apocalypse Marvel Legends Figure by Hasbro

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One of the very first mutants, Apocalypse is both thousands of years old and a monstrous tyrant that has been a longtime foe of the X-Men. Apocalypse believes that only the strongest (whether mutant or superhuman) should survive. His body is a mix of organics and powerful celestial technology, boosting his shapeshifting and other powers to god-like levels.

Hasbro brings X-Men's greatest foe as this deluxe 6 Inch highly detailed Marvel Legends figure. Perhaps the most powerful being in Marvel Comics comes in premium articulation and feature multiple accessories like an alternative head, alternative pair of hands and a skull. He is in his comic-inspired blue form with a cape and armour around his body.

This Apocalypse Marvel Legends figure by Hasbro is an amazing addition to your X-Men collection. Add this figure to your collection today

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