X-Men 20th Anniversary Wolverine Marvel Legends Figure by Hasbro

Hey Fellow X-Men Fans, It's time to wind the clock back and bring some nostalgia back to life with this 20th Anniversary Marvel Legends figure from Hasbro. We are taking you back to the start of the century when Marvel and 20th century brought the first X-Men live-action film in the year 2000 starting a trend of interconnected larger than life Superhero cinematic universes we see today.

One of the most popular X-Men ever! Wolverine is ranked on top as the X-Men's greatest thanks to the amazing portrayal by Hugh Jackaman. A master of hand-to-hand combat, Wolverine also has a last resort, his adamantium claws which he not only use to slice bread but his enemies. This Figure features amazing paintwork and articulation to making it an amazing authentic recreation of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in the film and comes with alternative pair of unclawed hands and a regular pose head for dynamic posing.

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Ages 4 & up

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