X-Force Marvel Legends Series (Wendigo BAF) Set of 6 Figures by Hasbro

Superhero Toy Store brings you the World of X-Men with the brand new range of X-Force Marvel Legends, These Figures are highly articulated and stands approximately 6-inches tall. 

These figures have amazing Paintwork which really brings out their aesthetics and articulations.

Collect them all and you can build your own Wendigo figure.

This Case Contains:

  • 1 x X-Force Marvel Legends Wolverine Figure
  • 1 x X-Men Marvel Legends Nightcrawler Figure
  • 1 x X-Force Marvel Legends Cannonball Figure
  • 1 x X-Force Marvel Legends Mister Sinister Figure
  • 1 x X-Force Marvel Legends Boom-Boom Figure
  • 1 x Alpha Fight Marvel Legends Guardian Figure

A legend on his own in the huge X-Men universe, The Wolverine is making a triumphal return to the X-Force series in his black and grey X-Force suit

A longterm member of the X-Men, The teleporting mutant Nightcrawler is in his black and red suit and with a sword weapon.

The human rocket Cannonball is in his X-Force gear ready to hit himself on some target.

The Explosive Villain Boom-Boom is in the comic book look that we all love.

Creator of the Alpha Fights the Canadian Superhero Guardian also is making a return to the X-Men Marvel Legends series.

One of the strongest Villains in the X-Men Universe, Mr. Sinister is in his look from the pages of Marvel Comics in the Blue, black and red attire

Expected Launch Date Last Week August 2019

Ages 4 & up

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