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Worlds Finest Batman & Superman Q-Fig by Quantum Mechanix

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The relationship between Batman and Superman has been a complicated one, hasn't it? Whereas Superman is an embodiment of the American dream and optimism that comes with it, While Batman has been a symbol of the dark side of the same dream and Vigilante Justice that comes with it. Despite their stark differences, both these DC Heroes has been able to get along just fine.

Showcasing the personalities of these heroes we love so much is this new Q-Fig figurine by Quantum Mechanix. The Batman & Superman World’s Finest Q-Fig Vinyl Figure shows Superman flying through the clouds with Batman in his grip. Superman is chatting away and enjoying the flight completely unaware of Batman’s frowning and irritation at being transported.

This Q-Fig statue is phenomenally detailed with a hand-painted body and is made using the best quality materials giving it a richly detailed look. Celebrate the complex friendship of the last son of Krypton and dark knight of Gotham with this amazing Q-Fig figure by Quantum Mechanix.

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