Wonder Wild Series Concavenator Fossil Replica Statue by Star Ace Toys

Release Date: June 2022

Star Ace is excited to present the Wonders of the Wild series, a collaboration with X-Plus that features real ancient animals. These polyresin statues, which were sculpted by renowned animal sculptor Sean Cooper and feature prehistoric creatures on an environment base with a nameplate identifying their scientific name and habitat.

The Concavenator, or Concaventor corcovatus, was discovered in Europe recently and is the most complete mid-size theropod fossil ever discovered. This 6-meter-long carnivore is the only dinosaur known to have a hump, and evidence suggests it had feathers.

A Concavenator Fossil Replica sculpted by the Star Ace designer team is a mark of perfection and looks just like the real fossil. This scaled-down replica depicts the dinosaur as it was discovered, and it's a great companion to the dynamic statue. It can be displayed with or without the nameplate, which is magnetically attached. The Fossil Replica is 31cm by 19cm in size and can be hung or placed on a tabletop or shelf.

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